The Cast
Nick Addeo Catherine Taormina

Nick Addeo

Nick Addeo works in a stock room and goes to school at night. Plays guitar in his spare time when he has some. Enjoys filming, video taping and audio recording his friends and family making music videos and access shows for cable television. After leaving the stockroom, he worked for the master tileman George Pagnoni in Ocean Township New Jersey till the day he left for an aircraft mechanic job in the United States Air Force.

Catherine Taormina

Catherine Taormina is a part-time bookkeeper at a photographers studio in Red Bank, NJ and a part-time gopher at an advertising agency. At both places she hones her marketing skills, and writes poetry on company time. Earning dual Magna Cum Laude BAs in Theater and Psychology, she has her sites set on becoming a big time theater and film actress but has to take what's coming to her so she participates in community theater in the mean time. The biggest thing yet, as heard through the grapevine, is she sent a postcard to Kevin Smith's office looking for possible acting work and he posted her picture on his bulletin board behind his desk.

John Hill Chris Doelling

John Hill

John Hill was born in Long Branch, NJ on Bath Avenue at Monmouth Medical Center Hospital. He worked as a dishwasher at Monmouth Mall, The Peninsula House in Seabright as a cook (prep), valet (dishwashing sucks) and 7 other places. He went to welding school for one year (GTI) General Tec Institute Linden, NJ and is now currently a welder. He loves to take road trips, drive somewhere new and explore old train yards or climb old buildings and get on the roof. Trees are also fun to climb! Lot of good times in New Hope, P.A. and on Sandy Hook Beach, metal detecting with my buddy Nick! Finding cool stuff! Going to eat at the Windmill (great cheese fries).

Chris doelling

Chris Doelling works on cars and likes to peel out and do donuts. In a span of 5 years he owned 5 cars (Monte Carlo, Honda Civic, Cutlass, Toyota Corolla, Firebird) the Toyota Corolla being the first car he rolled over. Later cars included a LaManz, a Grand Prix and a Dart. He will drag race anywhere there is room for him to tip a car. He is a father and considers himself a degenerate free-thinker. A former cartoonist, he was also an air force vehicle body mechanic. Pre and post AF he worked at Jiffy Lube, Napa Auto Parts, Tannen's tree service and Dorer's Garage.

Mike Hirsh Kristian Johnson

Mike Hirsh

Mike Hirsh lives at home with his huge audio collection of the greatest masters ever to record. He enjoys collecting and listening to and watching classic rock, jazz, jazz fusion, music and movies that are great or interesting. He likes all kinds of food and women that are appealing to his interests. He's single and not proud about it. You can find him eating at the Chinese Buffet, 7-11 and driving around. He particularly enjoys the car wash. He is a prodegy drummer but can't commit to creating a career out of it and sometimes records original material and improv jazz rock with his friends. Alias Ralph Buttawitz John Smellbone Ronald Biffoo and Leonard Finkeloo. And that's all folks.

Kristian Johnson

Kristian Johnson Like an old pair of shoes hanging from a telephone wire . Nobody wondered what the story was when they were actively on someone's feet. I am a surfer, gear head, low brow artist who grew up a few blocks from Long Branch's North End Beach. Try to fill my days with same things I always have whether it's getting bounced on my head out of a local punk show or hoping the tide is right to squeeze in a little surfing after work.

Guest Stars

Amy Handel Paul Doelling

Amy Handel

Amy Handel née Comber, grew up on the Jersey Shore filling her childhood days with riding her bike, hanging out at the Monmouth Bottle shop with Gudrun Hansen, as well as memorizing every line from the movie "Grease" then performing it over and over and over again (much to her parents dismay). She lives a wild, rebellious Jersey lifestyle and is a heathen in many ways.


Paul Doelling

Paul Doelling considers himself a semi-professional guitar player and has been a staple of the music scene on the Jersey Shore playing in bands since he was a teen. He has opened for such national acts as Leslie West and Mountain, the Marshall Tucker Band, Robert Gordan, and Gary U.S. Bonds. He has played on stage with members of the Asbury Jukes, David Bryon of Bon Jovi and Fred Schnieder of the B-52s. Staying out all hours (after his day job as a professional house and industrial painter), when he wakes up you can find him metal detecting at any historic location or where there are stories of hidden treasure. Waking hours also include purusing (as well as hawking) at Collingwood and Englishtown flea markets, and finding deals at estate garage and yard sales.

Jonathan Addeo Julie Taormina

Jonathan Addeo

Jonathan Addeo Lives in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He's just a kid, but pretty cool. Plays high school football and is very knowledgeable on computers. Scuba certified at age 12 and on the island of Bonaire was a guest on the local radio station for the American Hour. His cousin Nick always involves him in his crazy videos.

Julie Taormina

Julie Taormina finished school earning a high honors degree in Art and Education yet does not want anything to do with teaching children. Her love of cooking and gardening has her working in a bakery shop while also making small sculptures for the Franklin Mint though this looks like probably a short-lived job as she dislikes it tremendously while she is prized for the rare ability to sculpt beautiful faces for the cherub figurines. Her current garden is teaming with wildflowers as per her research into square foot gardening. She doesn't know why she is poor or how she got involved with the poor as she has skills that blow the roof off almost anyone, but her sister's boyfriend keeps involving her somehow.

Katherine Johnson Brian Phillips

Katherine Johnson

Kat Johnson Mystery woman.



Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips was born and raised in a small suburb of the Jersey Shore. He runs a lawn service business and could most often be found in one of the local music venues if he is not behind a lawn mower.

Butch Sam Addeo Brian Phillips

Sam Addeo

Sam Addeo aka Butch was the city manager of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Originally from Long Branch, New Jersey, Sam is an explorer, former lifeguard, bouncer, amateur historian, professional diver, teacher, city planner, world traveler, magician, fortune teller, hypnotist, security guard, photographer, professional card player, lead member of L.O.R.C., storyteller and above all a comedian.

Rolf Doelling

Rolf Doelling is an asbestos remover and father of 3. Great guitar player as well as a wheeler and dealer in antiques.

Mrs. Joyce Doelling
Umberto Taormina

Mrs. Joyce Doelling

Joyce Doelling was a real estate agent and owner of Professional Mortgage Associates in Long Branch, New Jersey. She gave up an intership with The Metropolitan Opera to marry Windy Doelling and eventually raised 6 children. No mother could be more nurturing and encouraging.

Umberto Taormina

Umberto Taormina Trying to recover from mainstream education while desperately holding on to the pieces of his former self. Bicycle mechanic, frame builder, cross country biker, bike messenger, wilderness survivalist, linguist.