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Your contribution assists with the following costs:

-Scenic Construction
-Promotional materials
-Festival Entry Fees
-Light Design & Equipment
-Sound Design & Equipment
-Operation Costs
-Theater rental fees
-AEA fees
-Stage Management
-House Manager

Thank you to our Supporters!!
$50 gets you a ticket to the show
or if you can't make it you can designate your ticket to a Military Veteran!

It's A Wonderful Life One Man Show Frank Capra Jimmy Stewart Donna Reed Nick Addeo
It's A Wonderful Life One Man Show Frank Capra Jimmy Stewart Donna Reed Nick Addeo

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A passion project is one you love so much you initially work many, many unpaid hours (hours not actually making any money) to create in hopes that you can one day sell.

The creation process of a project of this nature occurs in between making money working on other people's projects or time spent seeking work on on other people's projects. This could be on our unpaid days off, during our normal sleep hours, relaxation and/or diversion hours.

The financial clock ticks away while we (as of now our 2 member team - myself and my wife) work to be invited by a theater or theater company to bring the performance to you, the audience.

Here are some figures of how much we have put out-of-our-personal pockets and, also costs that have been defrayed by your generous support!

Here is also an idea of the accumulating unpaid dedicated hours as of 12/16/19: 782
(when I remember to write it down)
These hours include but are not limited to: actor/director devising/rehearsal process, research & marketing, prop/scenic sourcing & building


Props & Scenic we still have to source:

1940s table setting (more elements)
Black back & side drops
Rigging for the drops

Help make it happen!


Monetary Donations Total:

Your Support Helps Defray Our Expenses! Thank you!


Out-Of-Personal-Pocket Thus Far:

Props & Scenic Purchased:
Candlestick Telephone
Executive Chair
Flash Camera
Table with drawers
Small Black Folding Stool
Black Mat Poster Board
Table Decoration
Coat Rack
Laundry Basket
Tombstone Materials
Young George Coat
Young George Hat
Tree Materials
Black Caster Wheels (12)
Large Maps
Bar Table

String Reminders
Fake 1940s Money

Seltzer Bottle
Tom Sawyer Book
Building Models


*accepting donations

Jonathan of Took's Bazaar
General Officers

O-10 General of the Air Force (GAF) $15,000+

O-10 General (Gen) $12,000-$14,999

O-9 Lieutenant General (Lt Ge) $10,000-$11,999

O-8 Major General (Maj G) $9,000-$9,999

O-7 Brigadier General (Brig) $8,000-$8,999 (Jimmy Stewart)

Field Officers

O-6 Colonel (Col) $5,000-$7,999

O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Co) $2,500-$4,999

O-4 Major (Maj) $1,000-$2,499

Commissioned Officers (COs)

O-3 Captain (Capt) $750-$999

O-2 First Lieutenant (1st L) $500-$749

O-1 Second Lieutenant (2d Lt) $250-$499
Enrica Taormina
Sylvia Scalia

Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs)

E-9 Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force (CMSAF) $226-$249

E-9 Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM) $101-$225
Frank Pullano

E-9 Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) $76-$100
Kelly Baggett
Joe Macaluso

Judy Ferber
Lisa & Tony Aprile

E-8 Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) $51-$75

E-7 Master Sergeant (MSgt) $41-$50
Anita Soto
Lindy Freedman
Jonathan Hartman & Vahni Cantino

E-6 Technical Sergeant (TSgt) $31-$40

E-5 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) $26-$30
Catherine Gutleber
Elaine Addeo

Enlisted Airman

E-4 Senior Airman (SrA) $21-$25
Paul Doelling
Nikki Farren


E-3 Airman First Class (A1C) $16-$20
Dorothy Macaluso
Maria Nadia Michaels

E-2 Airman (Amn) $6-$15
Therese Trzcinski

E-1 Airman Basic (AB) $0-$5