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Imagine me, Nick Addeo, an “Exit Through The Gift Shop” type video archivist who actually has accessed the footage he has amassed and created quirky episodes featuring a cast of 12+ characters, my friends, who are “The Jersey Poor”. Early in my life I realized the importance of capturing on film, video and audio the decisively different characters with whom I spent time. This all began in 1984 with my desire to capture the times I had with my friends which are now the greatest memories I have and treasure because it is an endless source of laughter for me to this day. With the archiving of our shenanigans, I also concurrently ended up capturing a piece of important New Jersey history that should be shared with the world! The episodes are an excellent representation of us, the real people of the Jersey Shore. This is salt of the earth New Jersey. Young with no money in the 1990s. Flannels, grunge, blue jeans, used cars. Palling around basements, garages, exploring outdoors defunct and or historical locations, dumpster diving and goofing off most of the time. Each with our own off-beat hobbies and interests we come together to hang together and have a good time. These are instantly likable people whose faces can easily be seen on T-Shirts worn by the niche fans that will come to know us from watching our episodes. Technically, my show is the very first web series ever made, and even the first reality program, but it holds the record for longest delay in production release!